VIPRO Technical Service offers accurate & high range till 1000 Kgs of Mass calibration.

  • We have the experts & trained engineers provides excellent service
  • We issue certificate with the approval of ISO 9001:2015

With every mass calibration you receive a Calibration Certificate from us with all the information you need about the condition of your instrument, calibration results, traceability, our certification to ISO 9001, and adjustments done during calibration.

Scope of measurement:

Mass Range: – 1mg to 1000 Kgs

Calibration Capabilities:

Vipro Technical Service – Mass calibration  – has the facility to do the calibration both at lab & at on-site .

  • Analytical Balance
  • Top Load Balance
  • Standard Weights
  • Analytical Weighing Balance
  • Platform Weighing Scales
  • Moisture Balance
  • Hanging Scales
  • Push and Pull Scale
  • Standard Weights