With Vipro’s WAN optimization and application acceleration solution we optimize network bandwidth and reduce remote application acceleration response times by more than 95%.

Corporate organizations invariably have numerous branch locations, and business-critical data is shared over the Wide Area Network among these remote locations. The corporate headquarters makes use of network applications to connect to its remote (branch) locations and WAN optimization technology becomes an indispensable aspect. Companies transmit sensitive data such as resources, customer details, payroll, etc. through the Internet or WAN. Network outages can result in loss of valuable data and credibility. Hence, WAN optimization solutions are utilized to prevent problems such as these and to optimize network and application performance.

Enterprise managers like nothing more than a technology that lets them do more with what they already have, particularly when it negates the need for expensive new hardware. That’s why developments like virtualization have captured the industry’s attention.

With our WAN Optimization Solution we can:-

  • Save WAN cost by more than 50%

  • Optimize WAN links by 50 to 95%

  • Accelerate applications by more than 100x

  • Consolidate scattered network resources

  • Secure WAN links through VPN

  • Virtualization