System Integration

Vipro leverages years of experience and proven best practices to help companies plan, design, implement and support a fully utilized and optimized networks that enable mission-critical systems to perform at peak service levels. It is founded on deep domain expertise as well as the principle that “one solution does not fit all” customers. Our broad-based IT expertise draws on solutions incorporating components from multiple vendors and years of experience in delivering heterogeneous environment services.

Our independent approach allows us to objectively evaluate each client’s current environment and determine if and where it makes sense to consolidate servers, assess network infrastructure, and leverage virtualization technology to maximize utilization, performance and efficiencies, while also anticipating future capacity and growth requirements.

Our suite of integration services – including application integration, systems integration support, and validation and testing – ensures solid deployment of products within your environment, while reducing risks and introduction costs.

Smart Building

The scope of intelligent building is wide and diverse. Vipro’s Smart Building Solutions are cost-efficient, scalable and very effective. We have expertise on such wide and diverse function like:-

Communications & Connectivity

  • Data, Voice, Video networking

  • LAN, MAN, WAN Network

  • Wireless Networking

  • IP Telephony & unified messaging

  • Digital Public Address

  • Digital Video Systems

  • Audio-Video Multimedia & streaming Systems

  • Conference Rooms and Auditorium

  • Satellite Systems & Trunk Radio

  • Carrier Class Network

  • Triple-Play Services and Converged Networking

  • Structured Cabling Systems


  • Access Control

  • Surveillance

  • Biometrics Security System

  • Bollards and Ramps

  • Scanning & Detection Systems

  • Visitor security Management

Lifestyle and Infotainment

  • Unified Identification Systems

  • RFID implementations

  • Portal Systems

  • Smart Office/Home Systems

  • Voice-Activated Systems

  • Payment and Loyalty Systems

  • Digital Display System

  • Point-of-Sales (POS Systems)

  • Pedestrian Movement Statistics

  • CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Outsourcing & Operating Services (Infrastructure & Business Process)

Building Automation & Management

  • Smart Building Management Systems

  • Facilities Management

  • Property Management

  • Intelligent Car Park System

Vipro’s Offering

  • Procure products and/or services

  • Install, implement and commission products and services

  • Provide user training and knowledge transfer


For most entities, information and related technologies compliance management are critical to survival as well as success. Management needs to understand the status of the entity’s IT systems to decide what safeguarding mechanisms should be deployed to meet business requirements. Monitoring and evaluating the current state of implemented controls may take a variety of forms, including control self-assessments and IT audits.